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bidirektionales Wandlermodul

General facts

Converter modules are used for to connect several sources, sinks and memory items of electric energy with different operating voltage ranges from 12V DC to 350V DC or 230V AC through a DC intermediate circuit. They provide high efficency, flexible control as well as a digital interface. A simple connection to a 230V AC network with a inverter module is possible, because of an intermediate circuit voltage of 380V DC.


Principle of a bidirectional energy flow



DC-Bus – side of the module which can be connected with other DC/DC modules or any other 380V DC electric component (e.g. inverter)
variable voltage – side of the module on which the components were connected.


Features shared by all modules

  • Compact construction
  • Bidirectional power flow
  • Active air cooling (temperature controlled)
  • Serial interface (electrically separated) via RS232 interface adapter (manual)
  • Data exchange through ASCII protocol


You can find more details about the module features on the following data sheets:

data sheet DC/DC-Modul (30, 45,  60 und 120V DC)

data sheet DC/DC-Modul (350V DC)

data sheet DC/AC-Modul (230V AC)

Order data Modules


DC/DC-converter module 0..30V DC


DC/DC-converter module 0..45V DC


DC/DC-converter module 0..60V DC


DC/DC-converter module 0..120V DC


DC/DC-converter module 0..350V DC


DC/AC-converter module 230V AC




ZEMIS®PM3OP10 Interface adapter for use of a power module in single-mode operation at a RS232 interface