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Realization of hybrid power supply with different system concepts



With the Energy Kit you are able to combine different DC power sources with one storage in order to use self-generated energy. If the generated energy won't be enough to supply the object, the energy will be taken from grid. Due the parallel connection of the inverter series the power can be adapted or 3-phase systems can be realized.

Typical system components:

    Energy sources:

  • PV systems
  • Wind/Water: Small wind turbines as well as water power systems can be outstandingly used for the energy supply - in suitable locations.
  • Fuel Cell: Various fuel cell systems can also be included as a controllable power source to the DC side in the system, as far its necessary.

    Optional dc loads:

  • Electrolyseur: In addition to other conventional dc loads (telecommunication systems, signal and measuring equipment, ...) an electrolyzer can also be used e. g. for storing the surpluses of the pv system.

    Battery storages:

  • Lead battery: Different types of batteries with a maximum voltage of 380V can be connected.
  • Li-Batterie: Due to the adjustable parameters of the charge management such systems also can be used with Li-batteries - as far as they have their own BMS.
    The lithium batteries of Super B are ideally suited for integration into such systems. Due to the intelligent design of the BMS they can be used like conventional lead acid batteries. (Download)
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